Database Design

Specialising in small scale database design in Microsoft Access.  Over the last two and a half decades I have designed bespoke Product Ordering System, Booking Systems,  Historical Records Systems, etc.  Contact me about your requirements and I will let you know if I can help you.

BTEC Tracking System

For some years I was responsible for running a National Diploma/Extended Diploma course and have used Microsoft Access to design a tracking system for BTEC student work.  Having retired from the college where my tracking system was widely used I am no longer supporting this product. If you are interested in seeing what is was like, please follow the link BTEC Tracking System.

Historical Research

I am also interested in social history and the design of data handling and analysis tools related to population studies.  Since retiring from teaching I have concentrated a lot of my time on researching suburban Britain in 1911, starting with a study of the Bath suburb of Bear Flat in 1911.  For other bits and pieces see the Historical Links section.

Arts Connections

My partner, Anna Kot, is a painter, for her work see her Anna Kot Paintings website.  Since autumn 2012 she has a studio at the new artspace in Bath, 44AD.  I have also been involved in the artspace, both as a general handyman (partitions, lighting, etc.) but also as an occasional creator of 3D artwork

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