Products On Offer

Currently my main offering is the BTEC Tracking System. If you want to find out what my systems are capable of doing, download the demonstration version of this software and have a play around with it.  Even if you are not a teacher you should get a feel of just what can be done to automate complex data handling systems.

If you have a system that you would like to be developed, then fill in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I will let you know whether your proposal can be implemented, how long it will take and how much the final cost will be.  Bespoke systems are not cheap but I can discuss ways of rolling out the software in easy stages, the first being a free demo before you commit yourself fully, then further stages can be negotiated.

These are the main types of systems that I can develop:

Membership Systems

Booking Systems

Historical & Genealogical Recording Systems

Stock Control and Order Processing Systems

General Data Tracking Systems

Please remember that I am a small scale designer aimed at the smaller scale end of the market.  Always check to see if there are systems around already that do the job - I will not design my own version of systems that are already on the market unless a) they are rubbish and I can do better b) I can produce them more cheaply.  If you ask me for a system that other users might also want to buy then that could knock the price down.

Students Beware! In the past I have had several students (A' Level  and Degree) who have asked to get me to design systems for them so that they can pass their courses.  I have always refused and, where possible, reported them to their tutors.  Nothing in life is for free... and if you want a qualification you need to work for it...