Tracking - General Facts & Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Licenses for the software are 45 per cohort per subject* for a single year or 60 per cohort per subject* for a two years.

*Subject - this is the base subject (e.g. IT, Business, Sport), at a particular level (1 or 2), and can cover more than one qualification (e.g. Diploma, Extended Dipoma). See the example below if you want more clarification.

What Do We Get For This?

The tracking database and associated files. Each copy of the tracking database is supplied customised for the level, type of qualification and number of years that it is required for - the reason why the first year is more expensive is because setting it all up takes more time the first time around. A full user manual and support** should there be issues with using the database. Major upgrades are available as they come through - see next item.

**Email support is preferable as I may ask for screenshots and other data if there are problems. If it all goes badly wrong I might ask for you to email me a copy of the database.

How Many Students Can The Database Hold?

Each copy of the database is designed to contain a single cohort* of students studying a specific subject and to track them over the year (Level 2 qualifications and Level 3 Award, now the Subsidiary Diploma) or two years (Level 3 Certificate and Diploma, now the Diploma and Extended Diploma). Some institutions are now running level 2 qualifications over more than 2 years, these would be charged at the 2 year rate.

A copy can contain either a single qualifiation (e.g. Level 3 Extended Diploma Business) or a mixture of qualifications just as long as they share the same level and the same units (e.g. a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma in IT). You can have as many groups as you like within this just as long as they are doing the same units from the same level of the qualification.

*A Cohort is defined as a group of students sharing the same level and base qualification (e.g.Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma in IT all share the units and therefore you can have 10 or 100 students stored in the 1 copy of the database for the 2 year duration of the course).

What About Upgrades?

BTEC qualifications change all of the time. I originally taught on BTECs in the late 1980's, quite different from the current type. The new BTECs have had major revisions in 2003, 2007 and 2010, and I have heard that there will be further syllabus changes in 2012. I will also be happy to incorporate any suggestions for improvement or additions to the database that clients suggest just as long as they fit within the general remit of BTEC qualifications. All my customers will get the latest upgrades and this is one reason for not charging a one off price but one based on a renewable annual payment. When the qualification changes then so will the software that I supply.

Are There Any Discounts?

For schools and colleges that order in bulk I am happy to negotiate on the price.

Is It A Fair Price?

Software is notoriously difficult to price.I have been developing the software for over 8 years, sometimes putting in many hours of work in single a week, sometimes making no changes for months, but ultimately if I were to cost this fully it would be priced in the many 1000s. On the other hand this is a working tool which I use personally in my own job and would have designed it even if nobody else used it. The bottom line is that I would prefer that people use the software and if you think my prices are too high (or think I'm not charging enough!) I will review these prices. Please let me know what you think.

How Do I Order A Copy?

Simply use the Tracking Contact form to let me know what you want, stating how many copies, which programmes, and for how many years (1 or 2).

Cost Examples

Example 1:

In September 2012 you have a Level 3 Extended Diploma Business group running from 2011-2013, you also run a Level 2 Diploma Business group running over 2011-2012.
So far the license would be 60 + 45 to be paid in 2012 for two copies, the first lasting for 2 years, and the second for 1. You then come back to me in September 2013 for copies for the new cohorts , again you pay 60 for the Level 3 Extended Diploma Business which will last from 2012-2014 and 45 for the Level 2 Diploma Business group which will cover the cohort for 2012-2013.

Example 2:

In September 2011 you start a cohort on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design on which you also offer the option of a Diploma or Subsidiary Diploma if they do not achieve the full Extended. You then return with a request for a cohort with the same structure in September 2012. Because the subject and level is the same and the units come from the same set, this will require just one copy in 2011 and a new copy in 2012.
The license for this would be 60 for the first cohort in 2011 and then 60 for the second in 2012, both copies running for two years.