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Introduction to the BTEC Tracking System - Recording Student Progress


2013 - If you have come to this site in or after 2012 please be aware that the software is no longer supported.  Thanks to all those who have taken an interest/used the software over the years.  I hope a suitable application becomes available for all those overworked BTEC staff!

9 Years Old - Spring Half-Term 2012

Begun 9 years ago, the BTEC Tracking System is designed to make it easier for teaching staff and teaching managers to track the progress of BTEC students. Designed in Microsoft Access, the system was originally designed to track students on the old NQF Firsts and Nationals but can now track students on the range of QCF programmes at Level 2 and Level 3 . Designed initially as a user friendly data store for student results it has steadily expanded to include a range of tools for the user.  Tried and tested on a wide variety of programmes starting with the Level 3 IT Practitioners but now used on Level 2 and Level 3 Business, Social Care, Science, Construction, etc.  This offers a solution to anyone who finds tracking students on a BTEC programme a real chore.

Easy to Use

The system was designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Teaching staff are able to enter student assessment data with minimum effort. Most of the data entry simply requires staff to tick the criteria boxes, the tracking database then does all of the rest.  More complex options are also available, such as recording criteria that are assessed on more than one assignment, the tracking of individual criteria through submission, referral and final achievement.

Comprehensive Results

Once the data has been entered teaching staff, team leaders, tutors and students are then able to track progress, from the individual critieria themselves to final results with predicted points and final grades. A range of other tools is available, including the ability to import and export data,  a UCAS points converter, etc.  It has proven very reliable for the prediction and calculation of final grades and UCAS points. Most of these advanced features are a few mouse clicks away from the main menu and require simple input from the user.

Please take the tour to get an overview of the system and/or download a demonstration copy (fully functional but with example data supplied and certain key features disabled).

Tracking Main Menu

Form frmA3A Simple to Use

Taking a Tour

(A 12 page tour of what the system has to offer...)

The Tracking System starts with an initial Access logon screen - click the logon image to Start Taking the Tour:

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